Scandicare Cares Leaving No One Behind


Scandicare envision a world where the most vulnerable in our society (especially women and girls) enjoy their rights, where poverty barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential have been overcome.

“We place the special needs girls & their families at the center of our work”.


Scandicare works to promote human dignity and support the work of national governments in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable groups especially women and girls.

Scandicare interventions aim for;

  • Advocacy: Increase the voice/action to reduce period & mental health stigma, as well as poverty, especially for the special needs girls & their families
  • Economic Empowerment: Support innovative/sustainable community led economic initiatives & embrace a culture of learning within the target areas
  • Climate Change: Promote & support environment care & good practices within the program areas
  • Capacity building: Provide & support trainings on menstrual health & hygiene (MHH) & mental health
  • Partnerships: Forge strategic partnerships with others doing similar work to improve our target’s life outcomes


Professionalism, gender equality, accountability, respect, neutrality and non-discrimination in our humanitarian work.