Sanitary Kit Delivery

Monday the 8th of February, 2021

Sanitary kit delivery in Kajiado North


On Monday the 8th of February, 2021, the Nomadic Shelter Kenya(NSK) visited two schools in Kajiado North where the main aim was to donate some hygiene kits for the children to ensure they are hygienically taken care of amid Covid 19 pandemic times. These schools are Nakeel Primary School and Ongata Ronkai School. Nakeel is an integrated school with pupils with disabilities schooling together with those without disabilities. Ongata Ronkai school have a section with pupils with intellectual impairment while another section of the school has pupils without any impairment. In each of the schools, NSK donated a total of 150 masks,apples and10 hygiene kits (Two tissues, two packs of sanitary towels, a piece of soap and an innerwear)where every child received two kits and these supply is supposed to take run for 3 months. This project will run up to the end of the year 2021,when an evaluation for further help will be done.

During the visit, NSK was keen to identify more pressing needs for the children. Below are some of the needs that were mentioned to be priority to the students to improve their lives while at school.

  1. 5 wheelchairs (For both schools)
  2. 2 TV sets one for each to ensure that they learn songs, sign language 
  3. A tablet/ laptop for one autistic child who express himself best while typing
  4. Some few pairs of school  uniform and school shoes(Some children were bare feet)
  5. Disability friendly toilets (Nakeel Primary School)
  6. Sport Items including balls, toys 
  7. Sweater making Machine
  8. Health Care services such as physiotherapy, eye care services including low  vision services (3 children required eye care services)

Way Forward

Through one member who works in one of the best Eye hospitals in Kenya (PCEA Kikuyu Hospital) the children with eye problems and visual impairment were promised to be taken care of.

One of the children had congenital cataracts which made him made struggle with his vision and could hardly read nor write. One member of NSK approached a donor organization to assist in having him and his mother who also suffers from bilateral cataract go through the required surgery. The donor (CBM Kenya) requested for a brief write up on the same for them to accord the necessary assistance on the child and his mother. This has been done and we are awaiting the confirmation from the donor which is mostly likely to go through and a life changed through the collaboration of NSK and other stakeholders.

Another child, whom the teacher identified might be low vision was asked to visit PCEA Kikuyu Hospital for an assessment and if any assistive devices will be required then the hospital will take care of it including the consultation fee.

A white cane shall also be given to one child who was said to be having total visual impairment and rehabilitation services offered to the same child at no cost at PCEA Kikuyu Hospital.

The fare to and from the hospital for each child will be reimbursed by the hospital to ensure that they patients do not default.

For those in need of physiotherapy services, consultation with a few donors to support the same are on-going and communication on the progress shall be made to the teachers if they was anything forthcoming.

The contact person to have the children attended to will be the teachers in each school. We are looking forward to improving the lives of these vulnerable children by taking care of their needs in our little way. 

A report of each child who gets assistance through NSK, either through directly or through networking will be given.

Report Written By: Stella Jane