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27th to 30th of Septemer, 2021

Scandicare Organization partenered with the Mina foundatin in S.A who is the produceer of the Mina menstrual cup.This partnership has seen Scandicare field officers aquire training on the use of the Mina cup.Twenty Scandicare field officers were trained and will be deployed at various times in Kajiado North where Scandicare is implementing a pilot project on menstrual hygiene to respond to menstrual needs of girls living with disabilities.

With the mina cup being an affordable and enviromental friendly solution,Scandicare aims to distribute the Mina menstrual cup to girls with special needs to help them stay in school.

The training lasted for three days and each field officer received a certificate of participation.later on ,on 30th September,2021,the team embarked to practise the lessons learned on the workshop,during a field visit to school girls and parents,(parents of girls with special needs) at Ongata Ronkai primary.

Parents and girls of these school were enlighted on menstrual hygiene management and the use of the Mina menstrual cup by the Mina Foundation and Scandicare Field officers.

Alice Wambui Kariuki ,(center, right) Scandicare board member in charge of project implementation,Mina Foundation CEO Zaakira Muhammed,Mina Foundation trainer and motivator Zanella Zimu with Scandicare Field Officers,after a two days training on menstrual hygiene and use of the Mina cup.

Ongata Ronkai primary school girls learning how to fold the Mina cup ,during a training session with Scandicare and the Mina Foundation at the school on 30th September,2021.The school is one the 9 schools to benefit from distribution of the Mina menstrual cup,during the menstrual hygiene project.Each of the 9 schools has a special unit for girls with special needs.

Robert Ngugi,a Scandicare Field Officer receiving a Certificate of participation from Zanella Zimu of the Mina Foundation ,after a three day training on menstrual hygiene and the Mina cup.Scandicare is enganging men and boys in it’s work to fight menstruation related stigma.

Mission Report from Mina Foundation to Scandicare

Scandicare Field Officers with the Mina Foundation officials at Rongai primary school ,after introducing the Mina menstrual Cup to parents of the girls with special needs.Scandicare targeted the parents with the training as caregivers for the girls with special needs.An overwhelmingly positive reception of the cup by the parents.

Milkah Omondi,(one of Scandicare Field Officers trained by the Mina Fondation),demonstrates how to use the Mina cup, as Agnes Gitonga (Ronkai primary ),Zanella Zimu of the Mina Foundation and parents watch.The Mina Foundation trained 20 Scandicare Field Officers to be deployed at various times, during the menstrual hygiene project.

Report Written By: Kelvin Gitau

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